Your 10 minute inventory solution

At Wave RFID, we help optical professionals get control of their inventory, providing meaningful information in minutes, not hours or days, empowering them to save time and make decisions that create profits. The powerful tool we provide is RFID technology that allows 1000 frames to be scanned in less than 10 minutes.

You Are Always Open

The world is changing but you can change with it. We are making it easy for your patients/ customers to buy from you. They can shop and make purchases from their home. Your frame inventory will be constantly updated, and you can choose your featured frames and marketing images. Your customers/patients can search by color, brand, shape, gender, material and price range. Specify the lenses you want to sell along with add-ons you would like to be available. You can customize your messaging so patients can still use their insurance and pick up their new eyewear at your office. After the order is placed it will show up in your WaveRFID software. Use your expertise to help your consumer get what they need. 


Virtual Optical Features

Available on Any Device

Your patients can shop your optical in comfort from their phone, tablet or computer

Lenses and Add-Ons

Choose your specific lenses, materials and add-ons for your web store

Accept Payments

Payments will go directly into your bank account via BrainTree, a PayPal company.


WaveRFID images are crowd sourced and shared by our clients. It’s easy to take photos with a tablet and immediately attach an image to a frame. 

Banner Images

You can create banners and other marketing images for the front page of your site. Change them as often as you would like! It’s a great way to use Co-op money from your suppliers.


Search for frame styles by brand, color, shape, retail price and material. You can also use categories like value, luxury, and sun to differentiate your products.

Choose Your Website URL

We can use any available name for your webstore


Customers/ Patients can create a login to save their shopping cart for later. This way they won’t lose their choices when going between devices.

Always Updated

Your Virtual Optical is always updated with your most current styles. It happens automatically every time you add or modify a frame. We do the work for you!

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